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I'm in love with cities I've never been too and people I've never met, but then aren't we all?

PLEASE VOTE! My friends are on America’s Got Talent as the dancing group Jasmine Flower. They go on live @9pm tonight on NBC so go check them out and please vote for them! There are THREE ways to vote: (1) you can call the toll free number at the bottom of the performance. If you guys don’t have time to tune in, you can still vote by (2) go online at and voting for Jasmine Flower and last but not least the easiest way: (3) search up Jasmine Flower on Google and vote on the sidebar! Really though they’re amazing so go check them out and don’t forget to VOTE! 😍😍😘😘💚💚❤️💃💃

i want to meet my favorite celebrity and then fight a mountain troll with them because then we’d have to be friends because there are some experiences you can’t share with someone without ending up friends and knocking out a mountain troll is one of them

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little pony dress
free gifts & big discounts-3rd anniversary

free gifts & big discounts-3rd anniversary
"You do not need pasta."

Me laying in bed talking to myself at 1:30 in the morning  (via seabelle)

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